Why Every Man Should Own At Least One Pilot Watch

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Why Every Man Should Own At Least One Pilot Watch

In the world of the new, the old has been losing the war. High-tech gadgets, futuristic accessories and smart wear are becoming the norm.

If you go to any tech startup, you’re likely to see a bunch of young employees sporting a smartwatch on their wrist. Does this mean that classical wristwatches became obsolete?

Far from it. Even though we’re seeing a surge of smart wear, the analog watch isn’t going anywhere. 

The good old wristwatch was and remains a must when it comes to men’s accessories. It not only improves your style and makes you more attractive, but it also makes you appear more badass and intelligent.

In the mass of different watch styles and brands, one style stands out as the perfect option for modern men - the trusted pilot wristwatch.

They’ve been in existence for over a hundred years and a reason. They are cool, reliable and bold.

Why own a pilot watch even  if you’re not a pilot

Pilot watches

Here’s the truth - most pilot watches are sold to people who never operated an airplane in their lives. Some people who own a pilot watch never even stepped on an airplane. But that’s perfectly ok as pilot watches aren’t made exclusively for pilots. Their bold and simplistic designs make them a popular choice for casual everyday wear. They fit many styles and complement most aesthetic needs. You just have to know which one to choose to complement your style.

Plus, the historical connections to fighter planes make them an excellent choice for everyone with an adventurous spirit and daring personality.

pilot watch

So, why should every man own at least one pilot watch?

They last a long time

All genuine pilot watches are made from lasting materials. They are made to withstand heavy turbulence and high-altitude falls. They are made to last. This means that once you buy a pilot watch, you’re good for almost a lifetime. And seeing how you can wear them daily; a pilot watch makes for a deal that’s almost too good to pass on. The sapphire glass, which is the norm for modern watches, ensures that no matter what you do your chronograph remains untacked. You can be sure that a good, quality pilot watch will last you for decades.

They complement your style

Most men prefer to stick to basics when it comes to personal style. We’re not fond of constant style changes and dealing with accessories that go with each outfit. If you’re anything like me, you prefer things that go well with anything - a formal outfit, jeans and shirt combos or everyday work wear. No matter what I wear, my aviator watch goes well with everything. It’s simplicity at its best. You can top any outfit with a genuine pilot watch. And the best part - they are always in style and will always remain in style.

They make you look bold

If you were to ask a thousand women what a man, a man’s man looks like, you’d start to see a few patterns - Vikings, Spartans, pilots. These would be the most common answers. Men that are strong, smart and possess skills that make women feel safe. While we’d all like to, we can’t become Vikings or Spartans in the 21st century without being taken to a mental institution. It’s also hard to become a pilot, but it isn’t hard to look like one. Of course, we don’t want to parade around in pilot suits, but adding a simple accessory that a pilot watch is, goes a long way. Strapping a pilot watch is the easiest thing you can do to appear manlier in the eyes of the gentler sex.

They show you have a daring personality

We all see pilots as daring and brave. While you probably aren’t a pilot yourself, it doesn’t mean that you don’t share their bravery and boldness. And a pilot watch is a great representation of your grit. The simplistic design of writs watches shows that you prefer functionality over flashiness and it shows that you value things that simply work.

They evoke success

If you want to show the world that you’ve made, in business or life, owning an aviator watch is the way to go. We all know that Rolex is what most see as the synonym for success when it comes to watches, but Rolexes are flashy and unpractical for daily use whereas you can use an aviator watch for any occasion. Pilot watches show that you know what you want and that you know how to get it. They show you as an honest man that doesn’t let anyone or anything stood in your way.

You now know you want a pilot watch, but you still don’t know which one to get. The most important thing in a watch is its core - the mechanism.

Japanese vs. Swiss mechanisms

Miyota movement and ETA Swiss movement

The main difference between Swiss and Japanese watch movements is that Swiss ones are more aesthetically designed while Japanese are made with precision and accuracy in mind. We won’t go into details, but it’s good to know the main difference since pilot watches come with both mechanisms. So, which one should you choose? It comes down to how much you’re willing to spend. Swiss mechanisms are generally more expensive since they are usually handmade. Japanese ones are mostly made on automated robotic lines which makes them cheaper. At the end of the day, both should last, especially if you go with a trusted watch brand.

Now that you learned a thing or two about pilot watches and what they say about the person wearing them, check out our Pilot Watch Collection and see which one you’ll choose.

 You can also explore all the options offered by Ferro & Company. Explore watches inspired by Le Mans, accessories for the perfect look, or refurbished watches to find a hidden gem. Whatever you do, make sure you claim your classy style.

You can also explore all the options offered by Ferro & Company. Explore watches inspired by Le Mans, accessories for the perfect look, or refurbished watches to find a hidden gem. Whatever you do, make sure you claim your classy style.

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