What is a One Hand or Single Hand Watch?

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Singe hand watches are very unique in style and are getting quite popular amongst those that are living in a more relaxed pace when accurate time reading is not very crucial, unless if you are a heart surgeon and need to get to the operation room just on time. Some One Hand Watches come with a super slow hand which rotates fully once every 24 hours, and most models are with slow hour hand which rotates once every 12 hours.

Normally the indices between the hours represent minutes, quarters and half hours. By looking at the one hand watch you can tell the time within +/- 2 to 5 minute discrepancy .

Here is an interesting Single hand watch that we have recently introduced. This particular design is inspired by the iconic 356 Speedsters Tachometer. 

Single hand watch with Swiss ETA 6498 Hand Wound Movement Inspired by Porsche 356

Reading the time with a single hand watch is easy. Below is an example showing different times.

Single hand or one hand watch with Hand Wound ETA 6498 Movement

Ferro & Company Single Hand Watches are available exclusively at our online store. For the 356 Series that is inspired by Porsche 356 please visit "356" One hand series

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