Ferro & Company TRADITUM Collection

A Luxury Swiss Made Watch
Coming soon to Kickstarter
The TRADITUM (Tradition) is a paragon of well-balanced dial design. Its hallmarks are reduction to the essence and perfection down to the last detail. New design accents and a 43 mm case now further enhance its intrinsic elegance.

Crafted with high quality dual finish stainless steel case, the combination of brushed and polished surface elevates its uniqueness and excellence.
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Ferro Traditum will be available in 3 dial designs (Roman, Breguet and Modern Series)
and 3 colour combinations




The Movement
The movement was designed by Unitas in the 1960's and given the Unitas calibre designation of 6498 by the company. After the Unitas company passed into the ETA fold it was called "ETA 6498". ETA 6498-1 movement has 17 jewels and oscillates at 18.000 A / h. Certain luxury watch manufacturers modify this movement on themselves and give it their own calibre designation. Unitas 6498 movements can be found in watches with a retail price of more than $10,000.


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