8 Reasons to Choose a Vintage Style Watch

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There are many reasons that someone will choose to buy a vintage style watch, whether they are interested in history or are interested in art, or it’s simply a hobby. Vintage style watches offer a unique flair that can’t be had with other watches. 

Aside from turning heads a watch with a story can open doors, close business deals, and help you make connections. Here are ten reasons why you should choose a vintage style watch.

The History

Collecting vintage style watches is like collecting a snapshot of time, a time long past where different people wore this style of watch in very different circumstances in very different places.

A vintage watch may have traveled the world, seen wars, been pawned to pay the rent during the depression, been worn during a wedding. Every watch has a story to tell, and learning all that you can about the timepiece makes it come alive and brings you even closer to the original owner--or the many owners--that the watch has had over the years.

With vintage-style watches you get the story built into a magnificent new timepiece. Our pilot watches are an excellent example: they’re built to bring you back to an age of Spitfires and Mustang P-51s. While these watches may not have seen action in the war, they carry with them the feeling of history, and the likeness of a true historical timepiece. 


There’s a lot to be said for the unique flavor of a vintage-style watch. Anyone can go out and buy the latest flashy watch advertised by the newest James Bond film, but how many people will have a recreation of an aviator’s watch from World War Two? Or a watch that brings you back to the golden era of motorsports?  Each watch tells a story, and a vintage-style watch does it in a style that is all its own.


There’s a level of enjoyment that comes from owning a vintage-style watch--and that’s really why you should be buying them, after all. Whether that enjoyment comes from knowing so much about its related history (or imagining so much about a history lost to time), or from the aesthetic beauty of the watch, it’s a hobby that grows on you and fills you with great pride as you choose from a selection of vintage-style watches when you get ready for a big date, a big meeting, or a big life event. 

The Joy of the Hunt

Watch hunting is addictive. The more you get into watch history, learning about which watches are valuable and why, the more you get thrilled by the glimpse of a rare watch in a catalog or online. 

Watch collecting is infectious. It’s addictive. You pour through old pictures of watches that are lost to time only to find that a recreation of that vintage watch--a watch inspired by a vintage Le Mans.  The thrill of the chase adds to the fun of collecting. Just like some people may look for Mickey Mantle’s rookie card, you’re looking for that one watch style that continues to elude you--until you find it and snatch it up.

It Creates Opportunity

Vintage-style watches open doors for you that may have previously been closed. When you go in to interview for a job, or when you’re meeting with a client to close a deal, your vintage watch--a sign that you know and appreciate the finer things in life--may be the thing that makes them make the offer or sign on the dotted line. A watch is a status symbol, as well as a piece of history. It creates opportunities.

Enhances Your Style

A vintage-style watch not only looks good, but it makes you look better. Whether you’re going to mingle at a swanky soiree, or go dancing on your anniversary, or meet a first date, a vintage watch makes a style statement. It finishes the look. The watch shows that you are a person of fine taste, but it’s a different kind of taste--you don’t buy the most gaudy expensive watch you can find, you buy one with character. And that will show through.

A Topic of Conversation

A vintage-style watch, with all of the history and art behind it, is a great conversation starter. People will ask about it. You can show it around. The conversations that get started will be interesting and deep, because you’re not just talking about an expensive bauble, but you’re talking about something of personal value, something with a story behind it. You’ll find that it opens doors.

It’s an Art Piece

A vintage-style watch is an art piece. It may be quirky, it may be different from the watches that are being mass produced, but that’s where the beauty lies. A vintage watch carries with it the style of the era from which it is inspired. Is it Art Deco? Art Nouveau? Older? Newer? A vintage-style watch is like wearing a piece of artwork on your wrist that you can show off--or that people can admire at a distance. It’s something special.

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