Whether you’ve been a lifelong fanatic of cars or the adrenaline-pumping car races that get your pulse racing, or you’re a beginner who’s just exploring the magic of speed or simply a lover of style, these timepieces are great investments to be added to your collection. 


Our vintage-style racing watches are of extraordinary quality and lend a sophisticated charm, but that’s not all! They tell a story … a story of the heritage of cars and the legendary motorsports culture from which they were inspired.

Many motorsports lovers have an intertwined passion for both cars and watches. With our motorsports watch collection – watches for car guys – there’s no reason to choose anymore. You can now wear your passion for cars coupled with heritage watches in vintage style.

Reminiscent of legendary car race events and some of the best cars ever built, our vintage-style racing watches add elegance and great style to your outfit, regardless of whether you’re sporting a formal business suit, sports jacket and slacks, or jeans and a polo t-shirt. The best part about our motorsports watches collection is that it comprises a wide assortment of classic car-inspired watches that are diverse in terms of style and colour options, catering to every occasion.

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Built for the sophisticated gentleman, the dashing racing fan, the debonair car enthusiast, the classic heritage lover, or anyone with a sense of style, our eclectic compilation of car-inspired watches has something for everyone! Choose from our Distinct 2 or 3, Pista or 356 collections which make excellent car-inspired dash watches – with dials in varied hues and straps made of different materials and available in various hues and textures.


Pick different styles of these classic racing watches to complement varied looks or to grace several occasions. Feel free to flaunt them with ease and comfort at parties, formal events, or when playing your favourite sports. Use it as a driving watch, classic car speedometer watch, or style watch to elevate your overall look.

Our timepieces are like no other – they blend the timeless heritage of cars and motorsports with modernity to create the finest watches that spell luxury, elegance, and a classic style, adding a layer of finesse to your look.

However, these vintage-style race watches are designed to be as superior as they are and aesthetically pleasing. These high-quality watches are crafted with Swiss and Japanese automatic or Swiss quartz movements. Built to be water-resistant and durable, these classic car-inspired watches can be worn for years. 

Get set to race against time … in true vintage style with our motorsport timepieces!