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Why Motorsports Style Watches Are So Popular

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Most people own a watch, even if they don’t wear it all the time. Your watch is one of the most elegant accessories you can wear for every occasion. It makes you look classy and shows your style for fashion.


Speaking of classy and elegant… Have you noticed that car commercials almost always feature a guy with a really expensive watch? You can’t help but wonder why cars and wristwatches look so good together. It’s probably because together they can represent a feeling of importance, elegance, and prestige. Let’s look at what makes men love sports cars so much.

Bold Colors

Choosing a colour for a car can be difficult. Let’s be honest. Certain cars look better in certain colours. For example, Mercedes-Benz S-Class and sporty SUVs look so much better in black,gray, or white, while brighter colours suit smaller cars better. The same holds true for watches. 

We know that bold colours make you stand out. That’s why bold colours played an important part from the very beginning of car racing. It all started in the 1900s when it was decided that competitors should use colours that represent their home countries. We got France in blue, Belgium in yellow, Germany in white, the United States in red, and Great Britain in green. British racing green is still one of the most iconic colours in racing.


British racing green is featured in our Distinct 3 Vintage Style racing watch to pay tribute to the rich British racing history and the racers that proudly wore the colour on their cars.

Another iconic racing colour is the Porsche 917 gulf blue, which was painted on the winning car of Le Mans in 1970 and 1971. Gulf blue isn’t common in Porsche’s road cars. It embodies the Porsche racing heritage. We feature the vibrant blue colour in our Distinct 3 GLF watch that’s perfect for speed enthusiasts all over the world. All you need to do is look at the watch while holding your steering wheel to feel like you’re about to win the next Le Mans 24 series.



The gulf blue isn’t the only bold colour that Porsche featured in the Le Mans racing circuit. Race teams have long used colours to make their cars stand out. Porsche showed us the Martini Porsche 935/78 Moby Dick, Porsche 917 “hippie”, and the Porsche 917 “Pink Pig”.



Sporty Feeling that Goes with Everything

No matter what your attire is, a motorsports-inspired watch goes with everything. They were made to complement any look and can be used for different occasions. Vintage-style watches are aesthetically pleasing and minimalistic. They will work with your outfit, add some spark, but won’t take center stage. Instead, you can be the star of the evening, and your watch the talking point of the conversation.


You can match them with jeans and leather jackets for informal events. They also go well with formal outfits, especially if you match the colours with your tie. Can you imagine a formal dinner with a Distinct 3 watch that matches your gulf blue tie? You would be the person everyone admires.


The vivid race-inspired colours make our watches stand out. We took the best colours from the rich history of racing and included them in our designs. Pista and Distinct 3 watches are made to be bold. Just like your Porsches at Le Mans, and British Racing Green cars that have been admired for over a decade.


The bold colours can complement any outfit you choose. From formal gatherings to romantic dates, or simply for those lazy days when you want to grab a couple of drinks with your friends.


Motorsports-inspired watches are perfect for those that want a watch they can wear for a lifetime. The vintage design ensures they’ll never go out of style. If you pair this with the built quality of Ferro watches, you get a timepiece you can call yours for the rest of your days.


Vintage-Style Motorsports Watches

The smell of burning tires. The excitement at the start of the race. Racers waiting for the lights to turn green. And spectators shouting in a thrill, waiting for the race to begin. No smartphones, no gadgets, just a pure mix of excitement and adrenaline waiting to explode. That’s how racing used to be.



Most men grew up wanting to be the next Jim Clark, Niki Lauda, or Alain Prost. Speed is engraved in our DNA. We race from the first day we learn how to walk. And it’s only natural we feel drawn to the excitement that comes with motorsports.


It’s no wonder racing was one of the first sports that men created. It all started in the 19th century and continued with the first purpose-built racetracks at the break of the 20th century. Pista di Monza in Milano became one of the first iconic tracks that captured the attention of race enthusiast across the world.


Le Mans endurance racing reached the heights of popularity in the second half of the 20th century with Ford, Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini competing for the desired trophy. We have Moto GP, Formula 1, Nascar, and La Mans today. Racing is bigger than ever before, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.


We wanted to create a watch line that would capture the excitement that racing brings us. But how do you capture more than a century of history in a wristwatch? That’s the question we had to answer.


We came up with Pista and Distinct lines that represent the racing heritage. Pista is a vintage-style race watch collection that took inspiration from the Pista di Monza racetrack. The face of the Pista and Distinct watches is a clever design meant to resemble vintage race cars. If you look at the numbers on the watch, you will see that they have an older feel to them and look like numbers on the hood of old racing cars. They also have all 60 seconds numbered to really polish that racing effect on a wristwatch. The name “Pista” on the back of the Pista line watches is written in a way to look like a track with the letter “S”. Yes, we did think of every aspect of racing while creating this collection.


Men Love Racing

Why do men love cars so much? Studies showed that driving helps us assert our masculinity, makes us feel more in control of our own destinies, and buying our first car marks a huge milestone in our lives. Let’s put it a little bit differently… We get a real boost of self-esteem from owning a car. The pricier the car, the bigger the self-esteem.


We all seek the thrill and excitement that comes with racing. We might have boring day jobs and family obligations, but our primal desire for speed is rooted deep inside our veins. Luckily, we don’t need much to feel the excitement of racing.


We feel connected to our childhood racing heroes when we grip our steering wheel. We feel special if we see a bright-coloured racing watch spark on our wrist when we shift the car into a higher gear. Men love speed. And men love things associated with racing and speed.


The Love of Speed and History at Ferro Watches

We at Ferro & Company share your love for vintage cars because they bring back childhood memories. As we get older, we start to cherries the craftsmanship and the designs that go into a high-quality watch. This is why we created our own luxury watch brand that incorporates vintage with modern.


Ferro Watches combines classic with high-quality vintage style. We spend months creating new designs, colour combinations, testing materials, and experimenting with different details to create something unique. Our goal is to make you look modern wearing a vintage classic. Inspired by the legendary Le Mans race and Pista di Monza, we want to bring you the best of the best.


In our specially designed Pista, Distinct and 356 collections, you can find a wristwatch for every motorsport enthusiast. The nostalgia on your writs will remind you of your childhood days when you admired your racing heroes and raced with your friends on the street next to your home.


Join us in experiencing this nostalgia of racing events together. Check our unique collections on our website, pick the one that catches your eye and let the clock do the talk.

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