What is a One Hand or Single Hand Watch?

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Singe hand watches are very unique in style and are getting quite popular amongst those that are living in a more relaxed pace when accurate time reading is not very crucial unless you are a heart surgeon and need to get to the operation room just in time. Some One Hand Watches come with a super slow hand which rotates fully once every 24 hours, and most models are with slow-hour hands which rotate once every 12 hours.

Normally the indices between the hours represent minutes, quarters and half hours. By looking at the one-hand watch you can tell the time within a +/- 2 to 5-minute discrepancy.

Here is an interesting Single hand watch that Ferro watches created. This particular design is inspired by the classic Le Mans race

Reading the time with a single-hand watch is easy.

The 12-hour dial is divided by 144 marks. Each mark represents 5 minutes.

The combination of the bold 15, 30 and 45-minute marks and the prominent needle pointer makes it easy to read the time.

Below is an example showing different times.

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