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Our Story

We’ve combined a long-lasting love for watches with a strong belief that luxury watches should not necessarily be expensive.

Why pay thousands of dollars for a quality watch when you can have one at a fraction of the price? Henceforth, the brothers (Ary & Bob) co-founded Ferro & Company in 2014 in the beautiful city of Vancouver (British Columbia) decided to design and create high quality luxury watches at accessible prices direct to consumers.

Swiss Made Dress Watch ETA 6498 Hand Wound Movement

Ferro & Company designs retro style watches with same quality and standards of luxury band watches that sell for $2000 to $5000 without the compromise and make them available at a fraction of the cost.

We have always strived to make the finest-quality watches – that’s why we only use Swiss or Japan made movements, sapphire crystal glass, highest-grade metals and fine leather straps across every collection. 

Every watch we design begins with pencil and paper in our Vancouver studio. We spend huge amounts of time crafting new designs and colour combinations, testing materials and experimenting with contrasting finishes to develop innovative detailing. We then refine each watch design before entering multiple rounds of prototyping with our manufacturing partners, until we finally have that perfect piece.

During the years, the love of cars grew in us; particularly vintage cars as they bring us back to the childhood days. As little boys, cars and planes were all we would think and talk about. As we grew older, our hearts found a new toy: Watches. Just as most men love watches and cars, we decided to create our own luxury watch brand to fulfill our long brewed inner child love. All Ferro & Company watches are inspired by vintage cars and planes. In some cases, you would also see a fusion of modernity in our designs as well. 

In 2014 Ary and Bob designed and developed their first watch collection- "Distinct" which is a Single hand watch inspired by Porsche Tachometer. The Distinct collection was very well received, and over 1000 pcs were shipped around the world.

Watch inspired by Porsche

This is how Ferro & Company was born. To date we have designed, created and shipped thousands of watches around the globe to over 30 countries.