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Distinct 3 Petrol
Gene S. (Phoenix, US)
Absolutely Beautiful

Watch arrived very fast. Beautiful box and presentation. When I opened the box this watch immediately became my favorite In my collection. The design, the color and the uniqueness of the single hand makes this watch stand out. I get daily compliments and it becomes a conversation topic each time.

Carbon Fiber Card Wallet GIFT
Augusto A. (San Antonio, US)
Easy to carry alllways.

I like this kind of wallet, never go back to older ones.

DDD (Miami, US)
Quality eye Catcher

Over the years, I have acquired many of the high-end name brand watches. While most live up to both their reputation and aesthetic unfortunately, they appear to be on everyone’s wrists. In recent years, I have sought out micro brands with automatic movements because quite frankly, I don’t like to have whatever everyone else does. Ferro & Company is a perfect example of this choice. I found the watch to be sturdily built, elegant, and very unique. I would highly recommend this brand, and I will surely add more of them to my collection.

Race Master Chronograph GREEN
Augusto A. (Orlando, US)
Beautiful watch

It was the perfect Christmas gift pero my son.

Race Master Chronograph GLF
Paula S. (Albuquerque, US)
So far so good!

Would be good to include instruction book but so far like the watch - will be wearing it on a Porsche Club cruise next week!

Distinct 3 Grand Prix
Sebastien R. (Ploufragan, FR)
Great watch with one hand !

A very nice and quality watch. At the begining, we need to adapt to read the hour. The advantage is that we live five minutes to five minutes with this watch instead of every minutes with a classic two hands watch. Very good quality and awesome finition as you can see on the pics. The luminova is awesome in the dark and the night. I love the clear caseback to see the mechanism. It's my second Ferro watches and by the way not the last one !!

Distinct 3 GLF
Douglas L. (Kelowna, CA)
The Anti-Regulator

I've always questioned regulator watches. I understand the concept - in watch factories, the minute hand was more important than the hour hand for setting and regulating watches. But this concept never transferred to a watch.

This watch is the Anti-Regulator. Instead of the focus being on the minute hand, this watch only has the hour hand. It forces you to think about time differently. And for someone who routinely hacks all his watches, it is somewhat refreshing. Seriously, when someone asks you the time, you don't tell them it is precisely 19 seconds past 8:43. Instead we round up or down, and say it is quarter to nine.

The Distinct 3 changes your mindset from worrying about seconds to realizing that close is good enough. If you are a nurse who relies on a second hand to time pulses, this is not the watch for you. However, if you are like me and want a break from worrying about seconds, this is your watch.

It is also a very attractive watch, and very comfortable to wear. Oh, and that lume!

Race Master Chronograph GLF
T.H. (Hamburg, DE)
Just bought more for friends

As my first buy was so nice I bought some more for friends

Race Master Chronograph GLF
Torsten H. (Hamburg, DE)
Great watch

Thanks for creating such an brigth Orange watch - feels really cool

Leather Watch Strap Navy 22 MM
Al B. (Somerville, US)
High quality strap, looks awesome!

High quality strap, looks awesome paired with my AGL2, love the Ferro and Company logo on the buckle! Matches perfectly!

Race Master Automatic GLF
Florian B. (Essen, DE)

Beautiful watch. Good workmanship. The clock itself is quiet, only the rotor is not very audible, as to be expected from a japanese clock system. The brushed steel of the case comes into its own. The luminova coating of the dial is really easy to see at night. Overall a good watch for the value. / Founder Nr. 123

Tamer B. (Dubai, AE)
High end watches

It is really great product and very elegant.
I loved it

About the watch…

To be honest I loved it … the strap is amazing compare the price normally with that price you get a bit low quality strap … the case and the movement seems good to me the seconds moves exactly like I wanted dial catchy the orange and blue combination is beautiful… with that price can’t compare and good luck guys

Race Master Automatic GLF
Erik J. (La Jolla, US)
Great watch

Love the Gulf Racing theme. Looks great on my wrist.

Race Master Automatic Silver
MICHAEL J. (Michigan City, US)
Silver Race Master

An outstanding addition to my timepiece collection! I’ve been a race car fan for over 50 years and I’m very knowledgeable of the Gulf Livery. Mike

Distinct 2 Black
Tom M. (Klamath Falls, US)
Distinct 2 Black

Recently purchased a Distinct 2 single hand watch from Ferro & Company. I couldn’t be happier with the quality and appearance of this beautiful and unusual timepiece. The 44mm domed crystal dial is fashionable yet light weight and comfortable enough to wear all day. Best of all, thanks to the white distinctive time markings and the red single hand, determining the time is as quick and easy as with any traditional watch. If you have been considering adding a single hand watch to your collection, I can assure you the Distinct 2 from Ferro & Company will not disappoint.

Karim (Dubai, AE)
Made me ditch smartwatches

Ordered the watch and it arrived in less than 5 days which is absolutely phenomenal. I'll start off with the box: premium, minimalistic and cradles the watch securely. You also get a warranty/authenticity card and a microfiber cloth for smudges. The watch is stunning. It will attract lots of eyes. The dial is neat and there's significant eyecandy in darker environments, especially with Lume. I just wish there were instructions on how to adjust date and time, but once you unscrew the crown, it should be a walk in the park. This is my first Ferro watch, but definitely not my last.

Omar B.H. (Dubai, AE)
A piece of art

Every time I look at my watch, I realize that I have the best looking watch on the planet :) phenomenal by day and night too

Race Master Chronograph GLF
David C. (Brampton, CA)
absolutely Stunning

The watch is stunning. Beautiful craftsmanship. The GLF chronograph captures the 60's color scheme of the Gulf sponsored race cars.

Race Master Chronograph GLF
Paul (Scottsdale, US)
Subtle but more motoring look

Love the watch; not crazy about the band. I changed it out with a black band that has appearance of tire tread

AGL 2 Automatic 24H Blue
Mohammed B. (Abu Dhabi, AE)

I really like it and fantastic design and color, very unique watch made.

Distinct 2 White
Ahmad (Dubai, AE)
Elegant vintage design

Very happy to own one of these vintage design watch. Perfect watch!

Race Master Automatic Silver
Daniel (McKinney, US)
Wow! Love this Watch! Red Car & Now A Red Watch!

Wow! This watch exceeded my expectations. It feels great on the wrist and plus it looks good. The back of the watch has a unique design style. The C3 lume is very strong. Plus, the value is great. I have been searching over a year for the most appropriate watch to go with my car. This is perfect. You will not regret the purchase.

Race Master Automatic GLF
Ahmad (Dubai, AE)
Piece of art

Love the design and color, i really enjoy wearing it. Definitely worth to own one.

Race Master Automatic GLF
Jeffrey M. (Santa Fe, US)
Big Style - Big Value

Sleek design. Beautiful color combination. Terrific strap! And…..fantastic value.